Shimmer is a 2010 beautiful palomino. 14.2 tall trail horse, I've rode her in OK, AR, MO, and KS. Really nice ride. Teeth floated last month. No bite or buck 100% sound.

Harlan's Last

Harmons Squawetta

Jodie Bob Harlan

Susan Mix

Poco Bueno

Wimp's Ojos

Azucar Bar Leo

Betty Bailey Leo

Dozer is a 9 year old double registered AQHA/APHA sorrel gelding. Standing about 15.1 hands and as stout as you could ever want one! He beautiful! I have owned him since he was 6months old, he’s never had any injury he’s sound! Very sweet gentle horse, was imprinted as a baby stands for farrier, clips, bathes and loads well. Easy to catch he’s the first one to come up out of the pasture. He’s not a dominate horse he’s the one that will be pushed around by a dominate horse. He is broke but needs to be rode on a more regular basis. He will take a bit or ride in hackamore, he could go in any direction you would like just needs a job!
Playgirls Conclusion

Jay Kay Sue Cash

Obvious Prophet

Skippers Golden Doll

The Wild Wild West

Shady Reflection

Real Bonanz

Little Touch Of Te

                             Playgirls Reflection

Lets Talk Profit

                              TW Prophets Potogold

                              Obviously Wild

Little Touch Of Wild

                               Real Tea

SHIMMER                                                                                HIP # 477

LETS TALK AWHILE                                                             HIP # 478
Spur My Britches

GFR Baca D Bark

Cedars Red Horse

Sheza Oak N Cedar

Krog Classy Cowboy

Melody Bivins

Kros Blue Moon

Foolish Chips

                                 GFR Come A Spurrin

Spurrin Rudy


                                  Kros Blue Buck

Kros Buck Chip

                                  Kros Moon Chip

HL SPURRIN                                                                BLUE HIP # 424

Extremely fancy young blue roan stallion prospect! He's imprinted and handled since birth. Carries the roan gene all through his pedigree. Great young prospect that will make an outstanding breeding or using horse.
PEPTOS DIVIDEND                                                               HIP # 428

Plenty Blue Dandy

Galodsraging Shadow

Handlebar Sans Echo

Sonny Dee Daisy

Yellow Roan Of Texas

Shes Little Olena

Krogs Pappy

Crown Royal Belle

                                        Bros Plenty Max

Classy Red Valentine

                                        Daisy Sans Poco

                                        Hesa Peptolena

LLE Janessa

                                        Pappys Belle

Super nice young prospect! Gentle disposition and has been handled since birth. He has performance and using cow horse bloodlines packed all out his pedigree! Great young horse in the making for someone to go on with.
TANAS LAST DASHER                                                          HIP # 434

Dash For Cash

First Prize Rose


Easy Going Jean

Peppy Isle

Duchess A'Le Bar

Luap Mosbod

Dial's Dolly

                                        First Down Dash

Spirited Dasher

                                         Lil Lady Jean

                                         A Le Bar Isle

Tana Bar Isle

                                         Dials Lucky Doll

Big attractive up standing gelding that has been ranch ridden and used. Very sensible minded gelding that's gentle and in the prime of his life. He is ready for anyone to take and further his career in the arena or back on the ranch. 100% sound, with no bad habits or vices.
SURAFINE WHISKEY                                         HIP # 437
Peppy San Badger

Doc's Starlight

Doc Quixote

Crystal Doc Bar

Doc O'Lena

Gay Bar Dixie

Sur Fine

Tiny Thorn
                                Paddys Irish Whiskey

Quixote Whiskey Doc

                                Crystal Quixote Bar

                                Doc O Dynamite

Ms Surefine Dynamite

                                Ms Sur Fine Thorn

Fancy mare that was started in the cutting pen when she was younger. She has been in the broodmare band since and has raised two fantastic babies that are on their way to making great ones as well. She is currently open and sound to breed and ride.

LOOKA LIKA PEPPER                                                           HIP # 442

Doc Bar

Poco Pikaki

Heza Peponita

Oaks Misty Bars

Smokin Manzana

Bill's Royal Lady

Rochester's Gunner

Rosie Lee Bar

                                       Docs Borrego

Borregos Dr Pepper

                                       Peptonita Bars

                                      Punk Manzan

Looka Lika Baby Mare

                                     Rose Of Ginn

Extra nice mare that was started on cattle in the cutting pen when she was younger. She's been a great broodmare and has raised some outstanding foals for us since she was a 4 year old. She is currently open and sound to breed to your stallion.
BUSTER BAY TE                                                                    HIP # 479

Docs Oak Sugar

Cross Fire Kate

Sun Frost

Frenchman's Fox

Yellow Te Man

Codys Super Adel

Lopez Red 1

Maupin's Kitten

                                   PC Fire N Smoak

PC Smokinfoxdiamond

                                  PC Frenchmans Fox

                                 Toms Baby Buck Te

Debs Te Bay Gal

                                  Rocking T Deb

This gelding has done all levels of cattle work on the place from gathering in the pastures and sorting and shipping as well. Knows how to handle himself in rough country. Easy to catch and tacks up gentle every time.

RLradarolena                                                                         HIP # 480

Doc O'Lena

CD Chica San Badger

Doc's Solano

Crema Crystal

High Brow Cat

Sweet Lena Jo

Singing Cowboy

Misty Gay Moon

                                    CD Olena

CD Blaze

                                    Crystal Solano

                                   Smartest Little Cat

Ms Smart Cowgirl

                                   Cowgirl In A Storm

Cutting bred, sorting, team penning, rope, ranch horse. They are all possibilities for this colt. Broke to ride by Randy Gann. Easy to get along with. In your pocket type of horse. Great future.
DASH FOR VISA                                                                    HIP # 482

Rocket Wrangler

Find A buyer

Lake Erie

Nashville Legend

Natural Attraction

Miss Bonita Otoe

Rooseter's Dawn

Emmy Bar

                                  Dash For Cash

Dashin Elvis

                                   Erie Legend

                                   Watch Otoe Jack

Frankie Otoe Bars

                                   Rooster's Bar Dawn

This is a very calm and level headed gelding. He has been rode thousands of miles on trails, in the arena, and used in sale barns. He knows the barrel pattern and will hunt a barrel. He will go as slow or as fast as asked. All of the hard work is done, he just needs seasoned on the barrels to be competition ready. He has done pole bending a handful of times as well.

                                                                                                 HIP # 483

10 year old dark bay almost black mare with great manners and can do anything. Has a good rein but likes to go due to hog hunting for a few years. You can run through the woods on her and rein her through and over just about anything. Nothing bothers her. Has a great will and rode on train rides. Gets along with other animals. No kick bite or buck. Very athletic. Loads herself. Easy to shoe, stands tied all day. No bad habits.
Doc Bar

Miss Chickasha

Doc O'Lena

Royal Susique

Peppy San Badger

Rufas Peppy

Hollywood Dun It

Poco Bay Girl

                                   Docs Hickory

Poco Lena Hickory

                                    Lenas In Command

                                    Lil Ruf Peppy


                                    Hollywood Tonite

 RUF LIL HICKORY                                                                 HIP # 484

Don't miss out on this gelding! Gentle for the kids and is ready for his next occupation. His his leads every time and is the perfect rope horse prospect.. In your pocket and wants to be your friend.
CENTAVO SAN TARI                                                             HIP # 465

Next sale Thursday October 3rd.
Catalog deadline
Thursday September 26th.
Mr San Peppy

Saprichosa Rey

Peppy Gene

San Shell

Smart Little Lena

Dockles Chiquito

Taris Smoke

Jays Foxy Lady

                                   Rey Del Peppy

Centavo San Peppy

                                  Little San Shell

                                   Smart Deduction

Smart Dee Tari

                                   Taris Foxy Lady

Centavo fits the whole family. Gentle enough for the dudes and handy for any job. He is safe and sound and will ride like a horse is supposed to. Take him to the trails or go win the sorting. He will fit any level rider.