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ACE                                                                                             HIP # 1

Ace is a deluxe ranch gelding. He is 13 years old and is 100% sound. He doesn’t buck bite or kick. He was used in the arena to rope-and run barrels and poles. He has been used primarily as a pleasure horse on the trails for the last 4 years. He will come up to you anywhere in the pasture even if the other horses run off. He loads and hauls great too.
Steel Gray Baker

Six To Six

Dudes Saber Jet


Bar Dee Raffles

Dameron Dallie

Eddie Eighty

Frosty Jodette

                                                                                                                        Steel Gray Duster

Steel Your Money

                                           Sabre Ace Lady

                                           Dameron 975

Damerons Jode 975

                                            Eighty Jodette

DAMRONS STEEL JODE                                                     HIP # 555
Jethro is a ranch horse waiting to happen. I am a sixty-year-old woman and I ponied my race horses on him all summer at Fair Meadows and Will Rogers Downs. The problem is, if he has four or five days off he will probably buck when you get on him. I'm too old for that. When he is working, he is solid. The horse you are ponying can buck, kick, bite, play, or paw at him and he couldn't care less. He stays fat on Short Grass and a handful of grain. If I was younger he would not be for sale.